Issue Four – February 2021

With the publication of this issue, officially half of the output Translunar Traveler’s Lounge will be pandemic editions. When the two of us set out to start this magazine, it was important to us to fill a niche for stories that made us feel happy and even hopeful. The stories we’ve published—and many of the ones we haven’t—have offered us those sparks of human connection that we’ve lost so many avenues for in our lives, and we hope they’ve brought you some of the same.

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cool, spicy, and tangy; may make your eyes water

Fanfiction for a Grimdark Universe – Vanessa Fogg (4,094 words)

The Theory and Practice of Time Travel: A Syllabus – David DeGraff (1,047 words)

Prophecy Girls – Sydney Paige Guerrero (3,816 words)

The Taste of Your Name – Amal Singh (3,365 words)

Lentil Peanut Stew

hearty enough to keep you going when the days are short and cold

Memories of Fire – Benjamin C. Kinney (4,438 words)

Fractured – Aimee Kuzenski (3,185 words)

The Shape of Snowflakes – Kehkashan Khalid (4,397 words)

An Infection of Priests in the Body of God – Matt Dovey (3,038 words)

Tomato Soup

classic, familiar and friendly. Served with a grilled cheese sandwich on request

Bottle Up Your Dreams, But Don’t Forget Them – Jo Miles (911 words)

A Clamour at Dusk – dave ring (3,699 words)

Extemporaneous Resurrection – Jason P. Burnham (857 words)

Chilled Blackberry Lavender Dessert Soup

an unexpected sweet something

Love Potion Number Thirteen – Anatoly Belilovsky (684 words)

Tweeting – Mari Ness (1,828 words)

The High Witch of Westham – Tom Jolly (3,874 words)