Issue Seven – August 2022

Has it been four years already? So much has changed since the first issue of TTL came out, both in our personal lives and in the wider world. Aimee recently completed a transatlantic move, while Bennett got to meet a brand new niece. As our lives change, the past grows behind us and we accumulate the years of our experience. Sometimes, it weighs us down; others, it forms a solid base on which we can stand to reach new heights.

In this issue, you’ll find all of our stories have this common thread. We have a ghost trapped in place by a past she doesn’t remember, and a truth hunter who needs to face the past she won’t acknowledge. There’s a fighting robot trying to avoid obsolescence and a deity who hopes to scrap the world and start over. A pair of vampires face an embarrassing legacy, while a group of fictional heroines revisit their own well-known endings. There’s a woman who connects to the past through a magical cookbook and a woman who connects to the future through a haunted house. A YouTuber tries to save their lover with an authentic taste of their culture, while a hunter tries to save his village with his family’s passed-down recipes. A musician writes letters in the hopes of improving his place in the world, while a prisoner records messages to document their approaching end. We have a warrior trying to avoid an inevitable future and a husband fighting against a persistent past.

There’s no avoiding the passage of time; the only thing we can do is focus on this moment right now. So take some time to yourself and sit down with our seventh issue. Spend a little time with these stories and refuel yourself for the moments yet to come.

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Fruit Gummies

worth taking the time to chew through, in a wide variety of surprising flavors

Raindrop Doughnuts for Women Raining Inside – Jana Bianchi (4,081 words)

He Sang the Flowers to Freedom – Amal Singh (2,771 words)

The Truth Hunter – Thea Cooke (3,774 words)

Candied Pecans

because sometimes you need something deliciously nutty

Don’t Make Me Come Down There – Rajiv Moté (2,129 words)

And In This Corner, the Indomitable Feather Rex – Rebecca Bennett (2,399 words)

A Date to Memoir – Rick Danforth (3,993 words)

Lemon Drops

always sweet, but with a lingering bite underneath

Hey There, Delilah – Gretchen Tessmer (4,967 words)

An Edible Romance – Audruin Yu (3,441 words)

Transmissions from the Prison Station Tartarus – C.A. Green (3,157 words)

A Very Deep Pit with a Monster at the Bottom – Timothy Mudie (3.842 words)


a classic; what better way to end a delicious meal?

To Speak of Forever – P.H. Low (1,001 words)

The Coffin Maker’s Daughter – K.S. Walker (4,495 words)

An Eight Treasure Hunt – Anya Ow (3,983 words)

Endnote – Susan Taitel (1,439 words)