Issue Six – February 2022

So much of human experience is framed around food. Holiday meals, backyard cookouts, a pot of coffee shared with a friend. When we laid out the first issue of Translunar Travelers Lounge as a menu, we didn’t realize how much it would mean to us to be able to share these imaginary meals with all of you at a time when we can’t gather in person. Communities are only as resilient as the bonds they build within and around themselves, and until we can see your faces in-person again someday across cups of tea or slices of cake or just a quiet gathering by the water fountain, we’re glad we can meet you here at the Lounge’s ever-ready tables. Tapas are on the menu this time; we hope everyone finds something delicious.

This month we have cats that guide the dead and cats that break DRM; an alien-fighting actress and an alien-fighting android; a listing for a used unicorn saddle and reviews for the ferry into the afterlife; a series of emails between company execs and the project log of overworked employees; a war in an apartment building and a villain vying against fate; a goddess worn away by time and a goddess whittled away by words; seed savers preserving a food legacy and a dragon who’s very particular about his coffee.

Take a seat and grab a plate—there’s plenty to go around.

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Flatbread and assorted dips

always freshly-baked; smells like coming home

Kindly, Stop for Me – K.M. Veohongs (4,345 words)

Hollywood’s Favorite Abductee – Kat Clay (4,954 words)

Small Town Androids Never Have Much Fun – Peace Kathure M. (1,304 words)

Dolly, Like the Place – Sally Parlier (4,900 words)

Marinated olives

rich and filling with a hint of sea salt

Bee_Balm_Bergamot’s Tele-Sympathic Space Cats – Adam Lee Weatherford (648 words)

Rider Reviews for FerrymanCharon – Guan Un (506 words)

For Sale: One Unicorn Saddle, Mostly Disenchanted – Aimee Picchi (987 words)

Grilled chorizo

delicious, but sometimes spicy enough to make your eyes water

The Whittler – Renan Bernardo (4,109 words)

The War in Apartment 15 – Shalini Srinivasan (1,765 words)

Villainy: A Reluctant Memoir – Erin Rockfort (4,346 words)

Fig and goat cheese crostini

sweet, sour, satisfying

Oil Bugs – Gwen C. Katz (4,341 words)

The God They Prayed To – Celine Low (2,197 words)

French Press – Marissa James and Matthew McPike (1,575 words)

The Last Report – Kevin J. Fellows (2,895 words)